Many of our tracks are available on YouTube. Follow the links in the Track list or head to Tom McMaster's YouTube site where all of the tracks are hosted.


Saint James's Gate
Cliff Moses, Hammered Dulcimer
Track list
1. The Curlews'
2. Connaughtman's Rampbles/Pipe on the Hob/Banks of Lough Gowna
3. The Happy Man/Palmer's Gate/Glountane School
4. If Ever You Were Mine
5. Maude Miller/Bird in the Bush/Sligo Maid
6. Paddy Fahey's #15/Love at the Endings/Maudabawn Chapel
7. The Curlew Hills/Peach Blossoms
8. The Famine Suite
9. Maid Behind the Bar/Cooley's Reel
10. Hunting the Curlews/Hag in the Churn/The Curlew's Cry
11. Christmas Eve/Fred Finn's Reel/The Noisy Curlew
12. Cooley's Hornpipe/Sligo Fancy
13. Martin Rochford/Fearghal O'Gadhra/Musical Priest
14. Blind Mary/Squire Parsons
15. Lark in the Morning/Tripping up the Stairs/Rose in the Heather
16. Tarbolton/Longfor Collector/Sailor's Bonnet


Mark Stone Bodhran
Mark Stone, Bodhran
James Kelly, Fiddle
Paul McGrattan, Flute
Mark's amazing solo album is a combination between a teaching CD and an opus to show us what's possible on the Bodhran.

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Saint James's Gate Bells of Tipperary
Tom McMaster, Guitar
Cliff Moses, Hammered Dulcimer
James Gembarowshi, Flute
The Belles of Tipperary was recorded and produced by our own Tom McMasters through his studio, "Atomic Masters Productions".

Track list
1. Belles of Tipperary/Woman of the House/Stinson's Reels
2. Trip to Skye/Dusty Windowsills
3. Bard of Armagh
4. Campbell's Return to Redcastle/Bally Desmond Polkas
5. Cliffs of Moher/Langstrom's Pony/Mug of Brown Ale
6. Cooley's Hornpipe/Sligo Fancy
7. Blind Mary/Squire Parsons
8. Swedish Jig/Skip Parente's
9. Spancil Hill
10. Behind the Haystack/Fearghal O'Garadh/Musical Priest
11. If Ever You Were Mine
12. Larkins 25th/Mist Covered Mountain
13. Silver Spear/Glass of Beer/Bucks of Oranmore
14. The Young Captain/The Hag With the Money
15. Parting Glass
16. Christmas Eve Reel/Fred Finn's/Providence


Saint James's Gate Christmas at Home
Tom McMaster, Guitar
Cliff Moses, Hammered Dulcimer
James Gembarowshi, Flute
Track list
Side A
1. Lord of the Dance / Christmas Reel / Fred Finn's / Providence Reel
2. The Wren Song
3. Pastorale
4. Boar's Head Carol
5. I Saw Three Ships / The Top of Cork Road / Tobin's Favorite
6. Rag Dance

Side B
1. The Ash Grove / All Through the Night / Away in a Manger
2. The Holly and Ivy
3. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
4. Carol Medley
5. Seven Joys / Kesh Jig / Dingle Regatta


Saint James's Gate
Cliff Moses, Hammered Dulcimer
Track list
1. Hunter's House/Jackie Coleman's Reel/Tommy's Tarbukas
2. Cronin's Hornpipe/Rights of Man
3. Carolan Tune Set
4. Carolan's Concerto/Maids of Mitchelstown/Jig of Slurs
5. Paddy's Rambles Through the Park
6. Thank You, Mary/Mighty Goat/Dickens on the Strand
7. Blackthorn Stick/The Mouse in the Cupboard/The Coming of Spring
8. Captain O'Kane's Canon
9. Swans Among the Rushes/The Ashbrook/Charlie's Pride
10. Four Polkas
11. Foxhunter/Lad O'Beirne's/Foxhunter
12. Lass of Carrowcastle/Maid of Mt. Cisco/Gravel Walk
13. Give Me Your Hand
14. Master Crowley
15. Moon of Clare


Saint James's Gate IV
Tom McMaster, Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Tom McRae, Mandolin, Bouzouki, etc.
Cliff Moses, Hammered Dulcimer
Mark Stone, Bodhran, Synth, Accordian
Ronnie West, Fiddle Steve Whitlow, Flute
Track list
1. Langstrom's Pony/Mug of Brown Ale/Cliffs of Moher
2. Buachaill on Eirne/3 Polkas
3. Archiblad MacDonald of Keppoch
4. Father Kelly's Sandwich
5. A Bunch of Thyme
6. Thank you, Mary/Might Goat/Breakfast With The Cap'n/Fox Hunter's Reel
7. Green Fields of France
8. Butterfly/Calliope House
9. Carrickfergus
10. Bobby Casey's Hornpipe/Hunter's Purse/Old Copper Plate
11. Foggy Dew/Strayaway Child/Coleman Reels


Saint James's Gate
Tape, the 3rd.


Saint James's Gate
Tape, the 2nd.


Saint James's Gate
This being the first tape.